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expertise under one roof.
We have brilliant specialists,
working better together.

Engine is a creative
company whose work
is born of fusion.
Fusion of ideas,
opinions, people,
expertise and
irrepressible energy.




5 Things you shouldn't miss

BY Mark Pack

What makes online content go viral? http://bit.ly/LwYfBY
A detailed study of how stories on the New York Times website perform – and why anger is better than saddness.
Unbound: a Kickstarter for books
Would-be authors offer up their book ideas; would-be readers offer up their money; the future of publishing ensues.
What Facebook knows
Quite a lot, really. Including the great stat that 93 percent of American Facebook friends have met in person.
Have problems getting up in the morning? http://bit.ly/MTqf5z
Make getting up on time a game in which you can beat your friends and leave home on time. Your choice as to which is the most important to you.
Football and social media: who is doing what? http://bit.ly/LwZpgK
Keep up with the lessons from Euro 2012 and the preparation for the next season at this news round-up site.


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