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No Reason To Be Angry

BY Matt Williams

Bored/Annoyed/Jealous of all the SXSW tweets that have been filling your Twitter feed over the past week or so?
Yup, we’re jealous too. But if you grit your teeth and actually wade through all the “how amazing is this party/Jay-Z/the sunshine” spiel, you’ll find that the event has turned up some pretty interesting revelations.
One of the biggest pieces of news winging its way out of Texas is something to excite the gamer in all of us: the next version of Angry Birds is imminent.
Angry Birds Space will see the protagonists take on the evil pigs in a zero-gravity environment, all in the name of protecting their precious eggs.
But what’s really exciting about this version is that Rovio, the company behind the insanely popular game, has joined forces with NASA to launch it.
The partnership has already led to some rather interesting marketing activity, including this video filmed on the International Space Station.
To satisfy people’s geeky sides, numerous publications have also helped to create buzz by analysing the physics around the game.
It all marks another chapter in Rovio’s fascinating success story. From spin-off merchandise to branded theme parks, the Angry Birds star is shining brighter than ever.
Their journey is analysed neatly here, while The Talent Code has written an interesting overview on the reasons behind the success here.
What’s most inspiring about it all is the proof that if you have that special mix of guts, drive and entrepreneurial spirit, then there’s always a chance that a small and simple idea can turn into something huge. 
And isn’t that what being creative is all about?


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