Engine is a creative community
that provides clients with
best-in-class communications
expertise under one roof.
We have brilliant specialists,
working better together.

Engine is a creative
company whose work
is born of fusion.
Fusion of ideas,
opinions, people,
expertise and
irrepressible energy.



At Engine, we want to do our little bit to help our environment, our local community and society as a whole. And yes, they do sound like some pretty big dreams. And it’s not like we all haven’t got lots of other things to do.
But we all know why we need to do it, we do a lot already and there are loads of small changes that can make a huge difference. We’re not doing this alone; we’re working with experts in these areas so we can make the right changes as efficiently as possible.
This is just the beginning of a long journey we’ve embarked upon and there are lots of exciting things planned for the future. If you’d like to get involved in Our Little Bit, and we hope you will, why not drop us an email now at;

The Three Pillars of our policy

  • Giving Our Time and Expertise

    As part of Engine’s CSR effort we aim to encourage our companies to donate their time and expertise to support charities and other organisations involved in the area of youth development, education and support. We do this through our pro-bono professional relationships and by allowing our staff time off to work on youth projects in our local communities.

    As an additional part of this effort we also give our old IT and office equipment to support good causes.

    Engine are official partners of Race Online 2012, helping to get the last 9 million people in the UK online.

  • Looking After Our People

    All Engine group companies are committed to looking after their people by providing a safe, comfortable and stimulating working environment and a commitment to training and personal development.

    In support of this we will always seriously consider any employee’s objection to work on accounts they morally object to (obviously not liking Santander because you're overdrawn doesn't count!), support training and development for all Engine staff and allow employees opportunities to learn from their fellow group companies through pitch sharing, workshops and secondments.

    We hope to encourage people from diverse backgrounds and will always aim to back employee initiatives that further the aims of our CSR approach.

  • Protecting Our Environment

    At Engine we’re trying to do our bit to protect the environment we live in by strongly encouraging employees (and putting measures in place) to minimise the impact of their travel and transport, energy consumption and use of paper and other materials.

    We want to promote good environmental behaviour at both a corporate and an individual level, and we have been getting the professionals involved to see how we can best approach this — Engine was BS 8555 accredited in 2008, and received ISO14001 accreditation in April 2009.